Medical Education Office


If you decide to pursue one of our rotation opportunities, please be aware of a few atypical and important onboarding requirements:

Credentialing Application: Each of our hospitals requires a credentialing application and supporting documentation. You will be assigned an onboarding checklist specifically for this purpose if required.

Pennsylvania Physician Training License: Residents rotating in Pennsylvania must have a Training License. Guthrie’s GME Office will initiate the application on your behalf. You will be asked to reimburse Guthrie for the cost of the training license prior to the start of your rotation. Please be advised that training license applications are time sensitive and a rotation cannot start until this license has been issued.

Rotation Request Process:

The first step in requesting a visiting rotation here at Guthrie is to put in your request using the link below:


Once you have entered your request it will be reviewed by our program director followed by our DIO.

If your request for a rotation has been approved, you will receive additional information regarding a PLA.

PLA Requests - Non-Guthrie Residents

Once you have been approved for a visiting resident/fellow rotation at Guthrie you must request a PLA. You are encouraged to open the request form, print it off, and take it to your GME Office so that you collect all of the required information prior to submitting your request.


Please note that PLA agreements typically take 90-120 to process. 

Training Verifications

All verifications of current and past house staff trainees here at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital are processed by the Graduate Medical Education Institutional Coordinator.

Please send your request to:

Malpractice History and Coverage

Please note that the Graduate Medical Education Office is unable to verify malpractice history or proof of malpractice coverage. Requests for this information should be directed as follows: