Five Years of Dynamic Learning

The Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital General Surgery Residency Program is a comprehensive, five-year program designed to help medical students become competent, board-certified general surgeons who will be prepared to participate in rigorous fellowship programs and enjoy extraordinary careers as surgeons.

The program consists of eight first-year positions (four categorical and four preliminary), and four positions each subsequent year, including the chief resident year. Many Guthrie residents go on to complete fellowships and about a third pursue a career in private practice.

Guthrie surgery residents have the benefits of excellent quality medical training while working with some of the nation’s top subspecialists. Guthrie offers its surgical residents a unique combination of medical technology, professional expertise and individual attention.

The general surgery residency training program is designed to provide a broad based exposure in all traditional areas of generaltrauma and vascular surgery. In addition, the program features opportunities to learn and master more recent techniques including advanced laparoscopic surgery, endovascular surgery and surgical ultrasound.

For more information contact the program's coordinator,
Laura Warner, at or 570-887-3585.


General Surgery Residency Program Virtual Tour