Same-Day Options for Treating Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins

You don’t have to live with unsightly or painful varicose veins. Guthrie vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists can treat most patients with no hospital stay required. 


Vascular specialists use a catheter to deliver radiofrequency energy that collapses the vein.  The procedure is completed in minutes, and no anesthesia is required. Patients must wear a compression bandage and avoid vigorous activity for a few weeks after the surgery.

Vein stripping and ligation

Vascular specialists make an incision in the leg and either remove (strip) or tie off (ligate) the varicose vein. Most patients go home the same day of their surgery and resume normal activities within several weeks.


A care team that can include vascular surgery, aesthetic services and interventional radiology works together on this procedure, which involves injecting a concentrated saline solution into the vein, causing it to collapse. Compression stockings are required after the procedure to maintain pressure on the vein.

These treatments can be used alone or in combination, depending on the severity of your veins and other conditions you have. To determine which course of action is best for you, make an appointment with a vascular specialist or interventional radiologist.

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