WATCHMAN is an innovative treatment to prevent stroke if you have AFib. This is a procedure done by catheter through a vein and does not require open surgery. A permanent device is implanted in the heart to prevent clots that form in the left atrial appendage.

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With AFib, blood can pool in the left atrial appendage (LAA) of the heart. WATCHMAN is a minimally invasive procedure that involves implanting a permanent medical device into the LAA, preventing blood clots from forming. Benefits of this procedure include:

  • Similar reduction in stroke as blood thinners
  • Compared with blood thinners, less risk of bleeding, stroke and death

Who is WATCHMAN for?

You are a candidate for WATCHMAN if you:

  • Have AFib
  • Have been recommended or are currently taking blood thinners for AFib
  • Can take a blood thinner but are seeking an alternative