Heartcode® (Blended Learning)

A blended learning course offers the student a part of the course that is self-directed and done during the time you want it to be done.  Part 1 is completed by taking the classroom portion of the desired course on-line for a cost and at the students own pace.  

After successfully completing Part 1, the student meets with an instructor for a hands-on session.  Part 2 & 3 varies in time needed based upon the curriculum being covered.  Note: the time change with the new 2015 Guidelines. 

ACLS 60 minutes up to 5 hrs. 5 minutes 6:1
BLS 70 minutes AT LEAST 3:1 up to 9:1
PALS 60 minutes up to 5 hours 4:1
First Aid 30 minutes Up to 9:1
CPR/AED 70 minutes Up to 9:1


If you determine that this is the best way for you to take a course, follow the directions below to complete the process. 

Be advised that at this time the only blended learning classes that we offer at this facility are for Heartsaver First Aid, CPR, and BLS courses. 

GUTHRIE EMPLOYEES: Check with your educator to see if available for you in your unit.