Current Instructors

Where do I get my forms for teaching a class?

All current forms for any class being taught are on the AHA Instructor Network for you to print off and use. Log in to the Instructor Network and go to the Courses tab. You will locate and go into the course you are teaching to find the forms.

Where do I get the exams for the class I am teaching?

All exams are distributed via the Training Center Coordinator. Contact the Training Center Coordinator to request the specific exam you need. You will need to fill out and sign a Security Agreement stating that you will not re-distribute the test in any way.

What is the passing score on an American Heart Association written exam?

84%. A student does not get an 84% or higher on the written test must be remediated.

What meets the requirements for remediation?

Review the remediation section of the most recent instructor manual or contact your Training Center Coordinator to review remediation techniques and stages, and questions regarding remediation.

Where can I teach my classes?

Training Centers have agreements with the AHA about where, geographically, they can offer classes. This Training Center is authorized to hold classes in the United States of America.

How do I fill out a roster and submit is for card issuance?

You should be submitting a roster and all required paperwork to the issuing authority (Training Center Coordinator or Training Site Coordinator) immediately after the completion of the class so that cards can be issued within 20 days of the class. For further details, see the attached PDF.

Can I help teach a class with an instructor who is aligned with another Training Center?

Yes. If you are the assisting instructor, you will need to provide a copy of your instructor card for the Lead Instructor to submit with the roster to the Lead Instructor’s Training Center. Then, in order to make sure you get credit for instructing you would download and have the lead instructor fill out the Instructor/TCF Teaching Activity Notice to Primary TC from the AHA Instructor Network under the Additional Tools/PAM tab.

Therefore, if you have an instructor who is aligned under another Training Center assist you with a class, you will need to attach a copy of their instructor card with the class paperwork and fill out a form for them to submit to their Training Center.

How do I maintain my instructor status?

Meet all requirements set forth by the AHA in the Program Administration Manual (PAM).  You can view the PAM by logging into the AHA Instructor Network and going under the Additional Tools tab. You will also find your needed Instructor/Training Center Faculty Renewal Checklist form in the same section on the Instructor Network. For further details, see the attached PDF. 

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I am having trouble finding enough classes to teach to maintain my instructor status, what should I do?

Contact the Training Center Coordinator. This Training Center has many classes going on a month and can probably offer you a class to teach. Because of the multiple opportunities within a year to teach a class, very few waivers are given for not teaching enough classes in the two (2) years you are certified as an instructor. Therefore, it is imperative to get your four (4) classes in during your certification period for each discipline you are teaching.

Can’t find your question, contact your Training Center Coordinator and ask directly.