Other Trainings

We offer many American Heart Association trainings that teach you important lifesaving skills where you do not get issued a card but are still able to learn the skill.  These courses are ones that you can do on your own, with an instructor, or both.

  • Learn on Your Own
  • Learn with an Instructor

Other things that we have done include:

  • Assisting with information regarding other community classes
  • Arrange community classes
  • Connect you with individuals in the emergency services fields
  • Assist you with training individuals in the use of an AED located at your facility
  • Assist with Emergency Preparedness 

If you find a class that you would be interested in taking or have a question, please contact the Training Center Coordinator at 570-887-6390 for further details or send an email to me at Eric.Bomboy@Guthrie.org. Please include your name and date of the class you wish to attend along with your address, contact phone number, and the email address where best to send class registration confirmation and future communications.