Labor and Delivery

When to go to the hospital:

There is no way to predict when you will go into labor, but know that when you do Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital’s First Impressions and Guthrie Corning Hospital’s Birthplace are ready for you.

When you are in active labor your contractions should be at least one minute in length and be three to five minutes apart. True labor will cause your cervix to change as it is preparing for birth. If you believe you’re in labor you should abstain from eating a large meal and only drink clear liquids.

If you arrive at the hospital between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. you will need to enter the hospital through the emergency entrance. If you have any questions about labor and delivery while you are in labor, call the hospital, Nurses are available to help you in your time of need.

  • Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital’s First Impressions: 570-887-5034
  • Guthrie Corning Hospital’s Birthplace: 607-937-7561


When you first arrive at the hospital a nurse will take you into triage where you will be hooked up to a monitoring system to asses your contractions and your baby’s heart rate. You will be admitted to the hospital from triage once the nurse has assessed your active labor and its progression.

Managing pain:

Every birthing experience is different; every mother will experience labor pains differently. Some mothers can relieve their pain with breathing and relaxation techniques while other mothers may be more comfortable with pain relievers or an epidural.

All mothers should consider attending a childbirth class to learn about pain relief options available during childbirth.

Delivery room:

At Guthrie, we understand that the birth of your child is a very special time for you and your family. Once you have been admitted to the hospital from triage your labor nurse will help you prepare for delivery.

After the birth of your child, he or she will be wiped clean by a nurse and be placed on your abdomen, when you are ready the nurse will take your baby to be placed in a nearby warmer. Your baby's nose and throat will be gently suctioned, he or she will be given an injection of vitamin K and antibiotic ointment will be applied to his or her eyes to prevent infection. Your baby can see you through this ointment and it is not irritating. Your baby will be footprinted, and identification bands will be placed on his or her wrist and leg. You will also be fingerprinted for the birth record.

After you have also delivered the placenta your provider will then check your vagina for lacerations. A small amount of local anesthesia will be used to numb the area to avoid discomfort before the repair.

Visitors during labor and delivery:

This is an intimate and private time of your life. You’ll want to choose those who join you in labor with care.