Patient Portal

Your health is valuable to you and to us. That is why we are introducing a new Electronic Health Record across Guthrie Cortland Medical Center and Guthrie Medical Group, to make your care smoother, safer, and to allow you more time to focus on the things that matter most to you. 

New Electronic Health Record

We have chosen Epic as our new Electronic Health Record. All your health information will be in one system whether you are seeing your primary care physician, being treated in the Emergency Room, admitted to the hospital, or receiving follow-up services through the therapy groups. Your information such as allergies, medications, and history can now be shared among your providers. 

  • New eGuthrie Features – Access your secure medical record when you want, and where you want on eGuthrie. As well as being able to contact your providers, view your medical records and check your test results, you may now use eGuthrie to update your personal information, saving time when you come in for a visit. You will also be able to schedule appointments. If you already have an eGuthrie account, these features are now available to you. If you haven’t yet, unlock these features and more - sign up for an eGuthrie account at 

    Sign-up for eGuthrie
  • Paperless Billing & Online Bill Pay – You can request to receive your Guthrie bill online using your eGuthrie account and can make payments with a credit card online at any time. You will receive a single bill, regardless of where you received your care at Guthrie. Whether you see a provider from the medical group, have a hospital admission or have outpatient testing, you will get one bill that includes all the care you receive from Guthrie after October 3, 2020. Please note that balances from appointments prior to this date will receive separate billing statements and will not be available in eGuthrie. You may also receive a separate bill for services provided by third party partners. To discuss your bill with one of our billing specialists, you now have a single point of contact: 570-887-2600 or toll free 800-836-9990.