Resident Life

The rigor of our program is balanced by engaged, supportive preceptors and a strong focus on resident well-being. This starts with our application deadline - later than many, we want candidates to be able to relax during winter break, rather than stressing over application deadlines. During orientation, residents are introduced to Guthrie's Thrive Wellbeing program, and the many free resources available to Guthrie Caregivers. These include live or virtual confidential counseling/support for a wide variety of personal or professional stressors and on-site gym membership. Residents may also opt to participate in medical education well-being/networking events. 

Budget allowing, residents are given a meal/coffee stipend that may be used in the RPH hospital cafeteria or on-site Starbucks. We know #PizzaIsNotWorking, instead we focus on what really matters. We help residents routinely reflect on what makes for a good day and what gets in the way of a good day, together seeking mitigation for potential burnout. Residents participate in confidential well-being checks and are provided with well-being 'coupons' that offer a variety of practical, desirable things that include time for personal appointments, extra project time, 'skip a journal club', 'skip an evening shift', 'long lunch', extra sleep, and even one that is encouraged to be copied and reused as much as necessary: 'I call BW' (get out of busy work). Residents also have scheduled uninterruptable well-being time for two hours every few Fridays, where they can do what they want or need to do, even if that’s doing nothing.

Rotation schedules are often flexible, changing with the natural shifts that occur in resident goals. 

Residents rotate through the role of Chief Resident, acting as the pharmacy resident representative in medical education, pharmacy and system committees and subcommittees, participating in decisions that affect their education and work. Within the confines of ASHP/program requirements, pharmacy residents are responsible for self-scheduling their weekends, evenings, presentations, journal clubs, etc.

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