CT Scans

CT ScanCT Scans (also know as CAT Scans or computed tomography) are X-ray pictures created by a computer to show the body in three dimensions or as "slices". There are many kinds of CT Scans for a variety of diseases. The Guthrie team will coordinate with your doctor to tailor the CT Scan to you and your health care problem. Guthrie Medical Imaging uses a range of advanced scanners including 64-slice scanners and a dual-energy scanner.  CT scan images usually provide much more information than do plain X-rays. CT scanning services are available at all Guthrie hospital facilities and several regional offices.

In addition, Guthrie offers cardiac computed angiography, a non-invasive imaging technology that provides imaging of the heart  and its surrounding blood vessels. Providers use these images to help diagnose coronary artery disease or problems with the structure and function of the heart. Coronary artery calcium scoring can be used to predict heart attack risk. Cardiac CT can help doctors treat heart disease and determine if current treatments are effective. In some cases, CT angiography may prevent the need for more invasive tests. Guthrie offers cardiac CT angiography at Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, PA.

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