Stomach pain and issues with the digestive tract can affect your daily life. We diagnose and treat digestive issues at Guthrie Gastroenterology. Our gastroenterologists are board-certified with advanced medical training in the treatment of a broad spectrum of gastrointestinal disorders.

A gastroenterologist examines the normal function and treats diseases of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum. Our team also treats patients with diseases involving the pancreas, gall bladder, biliary tract and liver.

Cancer Screening and Prevention

Our gastroenterology team is focused on prevention and helping you understand which screenings are right for you. These screenings are critical, as early diagnosis of cancers associated with the liver and gastrointestinal areas allows for a broader range of treatment options.

Team Approach to Care

Our gastroenterologists work collaboratively with specialists in general surgery, otolaryngology, colorectal surgery and oncology to provide our patients with comprehensive care. You can count on our team of highly-trained specialists to use the latest advancements in screening and treatment, for your best possible outcome.

Clinical Trials

Our gastroenterologists are highly regarded by their national peers for their training and research. At Guthrie you can participate in advanced clinical trials for innovative treatments.

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