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Adult Orthodontics

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, one in four orthodontic patients is an adult. For adults, leaving misaligned teeth untreated may lead to other dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. Join the thousands of adults who have...

Advanced Care for Traumatic Experiences

Your care team at Lourdes Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) program is here to help you understand how a traumatic event may be affecting your health. We start by listening to you to understand you and your health needs. Our goal is to help you improve your...

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Treatments

Whether it’s treating crow’s feet and frown line wrinkles, taking care of sun damage, creating a more even tone, or treating acne, we have options to help you confidently look your best. Our medically trained providers analyze your skin and customize treatment...

Allergy Services

What are allergies? Allergies are a common health problem, can be more common in children and can begin at any age. They are caused by an overactive immune system in which your body attacks harmless substances as if they were germs. Allergy symptoms include...

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are stressful on both patient and caregivers. Our team, at Guthrie’s Memory Clinic, can help you develop a care plan to help manage. For more information, call Guthrie's Memory Clinic at 570-887-3107. What is dementia? Dementia...


Guthrie's Department of Anesthesiology includes a range of anesthesia specialists dedicated to handling complex cases. Our goal is to serve our patients to the best of our ability, making them feel comfortable and at ease during their procedure. Types of...


A ruptured aneurysm is a medical emergency. Dial 911 if you have symptoms. Get expert care at Guthrie Cardiac and Vascular Centers: Corning, N.Y. and Sayre, Pa.


Guthrie Cardiac Electrophysiologists (Cardiac EP) and Arrhythmia Center offer treatment, care and support for patients with arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation.


Our number one priority is helping you reduce arthritis symptoms and improving your quality of life.

Athletic Trainers

Athletic trainers are available year-round through Guthrie Sports Medicine addressing injury rehabilitation, treatment, and prevention. Call 866-GUTHRIE today.