Program Objectives

This program is designed to prepare the student to become an advanced-level Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT).  Graduates of this program are qualified to take the National Board of Respiratory Care (NBRC) exams.  The specific objectives of the program are listed below:

  • Prepare students as registered respiratory therapists.
  • Prepare competent respiratory care practitioners for advanced level careers in respiratory care (educators, researchers, managers, clinical specialist, respiratory care equipment sales representatives, and in other roles throughout the healthcare system.
  • Prepare students for leadership roles, professionalism, and a commitment to lifelong learning in respiratory care related fields.


Mansfield University Respiratory Care program has 100% job placement; never has a graduate of this program been unsuccessful in securing employment following graduation.  Often, they have several offers from which to choose.

Credentialing Exams

There are two exams for respiratory care practitioners.  The first is the TMC exam which has a low and high cut score.  Achieving the low-cut score award the CRT credential and state license.  Achieving the high cut score allows the graduate to sit for the Clinical Simulation Exam (CSE).  Passing the TMC at the high cut score and the CSE earns the graduate the RRT credential.

For the previous three years, our program has had 100% pass rate for both the TMC exam and the CSE exam.  Our graduates continually perform above the national pass rate on both exams.
The Mansfield University Respiratory Care program has been awarded the Distinguished RRT Credentialing award four times (2013, 2014, 2017 and 2018).