We believe that your Residency - your first job as a Physician - should prepare you for how you want to practice Family Medicine, and should give you a broad range of career options.

Medical School gave you the foundation. Working with our exceptional Family Practice teaching physicians, each of whom has a devoted patient following and are passionate about teaching and encouraging new physicians, will help you to transform your knowledge base into a life of extraordinary patient care.

A Strong Track Record

Our residents have gone on to have successful careers in rural, suburban and metro areas. Graduates can, and have, followed many paths:

  • Fellows in a variety of medical specialties
  • Hospitalists
  • Emergency department physicians
  • Osteopathic manipulation
  • Urgent care
  • Primary care
  • Teaching physicians

Many graduates have stayed within the Guthrie network -- some in our own Residency practice, others in one of Guthrie’s many satellite offices.

A Balanced Program

We believe that compassion, rapport, and humor are as crucial to Family Medicine, as are the application of medical knowledge and procedural expertise; we believe that learning should happen in a safe and supportive environment.

We believe that wellness and balance in life should be practiced and encouraged, starting in your Residency.

Ask any physician: Taking time for yourself, your health, your friends, family and your other interests is an ongoing challenge, but it is crucial. To encourage development of a holistic approach to life as physicians, residents are provided may resources, including psychologist-led support groups, Ballint training, Guthrie’s fitness center and the support of staff and faculty who believe that physician wellness is as important as patient wellness.


We hope what you see and read here intrigues you, and that you will consider joining us

Family Medicine Residency Testimonials

Miranda Beeman, DO
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Miranda Beeman, DO

Dr. Woo
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Min Je Woo, DO

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Ben DiNovo, M.D. and Kristen Nash, D.O