Vaccinations protect you from serious diseases – and here’s why you need them.

Following recommended vaccination schedules is a simple way to avoid the potentially life-changing effects of many serious diseases. Although concerns about side effects may tempt you to skip a vaccine or to not vaccinate your children, vaccines have been shown to be safe and effective for most people.

Will vaccinations cause side effects?

Vaccines have helped eliminate or reduce diseases for decades. Minor side effects can occur with any type of vaccine and aren’t usually a cause for concern. In fact, they may be a sign that your body is producing antibodies. It is extremely rare for someone to have a serious reaction to an approved vaccination in the U.S.

Why should people get vaccinated?

Vaccinations not only protect you, but can also stop diseases from spreading throughout your community. When enough people are vaccinated against a particular disease, it may even be possible to completely eliminate the disease. 

Getting vaccinated also protects people who can’t receive vaccines, including infants who aren’t yet old enough for immunizations and people who have certain medical conditions. 

Vaccinations for Adults

Although most vaccinations are given to children, you can receive immunizations at any age. If you’re an adult and haven’t had some of the vaccines recommended for children, it’s never too late to get them. 

Adults should also plan to get an annual flu vaccine. Depending on your age, you may also benefit from vaccines that prevent illnesses more common in older people, such as shingles and pneumonia. And as new illnesses arise, such as COVID-19, other vaccinations may be recommended. We strongly encourage you to get a COVID-19 vaccine if you haven’t already done so. 

Learn more about recommended childhood vaccines at Guthrie.

How to schedule a vaccination appointment at Guthrie

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