Important note:
Due to limited vaccine availability, Guthrie does not yet have vaccines available for patients. Watch this page, the Guthrie Facebook page and local newspapers, radio stations and TV for information about when Guthrie will be able to vaccinate eligible populations.

    Important vaccination phase information 

    Your health and safety are our top priorities at Guthrie, and as we move into vaccination phases for our communities, we are here to make sure everyone receives their first dose as quickly as possible. 

    We understand that you might be anxious to get your vaccine and we are working hard to improve access to doses, increase staff, and create a scheduling system that meets the demands of our communities. We thank you for your continued trust as a source of information and medical choice for COVID-19 care. You can expect to remain updated on COVID-19 vaccine distribution planning as we have it, where you can receive it, and who is eligible as information becomes available. 

    We are collaborating with 14 community partners, including health care organizations, local departments of health and educational institutions, to help get you vaccinated quickly. 

    Coalitions are being formed with local health departments and other hospitals in each of our communities to improve access to the vaccine, so that you and your loved ones are protected in a timely manner. 

    For community clinics led by the NYS Department of Health, registration will be available on the NYS DOH website. Your local department of health web site will also have information available. 

    The number of people who now qualify for the vaccine is very large, and it will take several weeks for enough doses to become available to vaccinate everyone who qualifies. Guthrie remains unwavering in our commitment to your health and safety, and we promise to provide compassionate care to each and every patient. We will get through this together. 

    Ten primary care Guthrie locations throughout our 12-county service area are being prepared to offer vaccines to patients. We thank you for your patience as we work through the preparation details, which will ensure we’re ready for the arrival of new vaccine doses. Although we are not able to take appointments yet, we will provide updates on when the vaccine arrives and who is eligible to receive it on our website, as well as through announcements on both local and social media. 

    Signing up for eGuthrie. 

    Appointments will be required to receive your COVID-19 vaccination at a Guthrie location and the fastest way to schedule is online through eGuthrie. If you don’t have an eGuthrie account yet, signing up is easy at We encourage you to set up your eGuthrie account now, in anticipation of scheduling your appointment. 

    Need eGuthrie help? 

    eGuthrie assistance is available by calling 855-348-eGuthrie (855-348-8474). 

    Adult children may access their parent’s eGuthrie account in two ways: 

    • Patients may share their record by navigating to the Share My Record section of eGuthrie and choosing Friends and Family Access. 
    • Adult children with Power of Attorney may request access to their parent’s eGuthrie account as a proxy. Learn more

    Stay safe, while you wait for your vaccination. 

    While you wait for your vaccination, we encourage you to continue to be safe, create your eGuthrie account so you’re ready to schedule your appointment when available, and take precautions each day to stay healthy including: 

    • Wearing a mask 
    • Social distancing by at least 6 feet (2 arm lengths) 
    • Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds 
    • Using alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water is not available 
    • Disinfecting highly touched surfaces 
    • Avoiding large crowds and interaction with anyone who is sick 
    • Staying home when you’re sick, except to seek medical care 

    Questions about the COVID-19 vaccine? 

    Get answers for commonly asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccine through the Centers for Disease Control

    Don’t delay care if you’re sick. 

    Guthrie facilities are maintaining strict guidelines to protect your health through all recommended cleaning and safety guidelines. We urge you to seek care if you become sick and to keep your appointments as your health is, as always, our number one priority. If you have any health concerns, please reach out to your doctor and ask if a virtual visit is right for you. 

    Guthrie will continue to fight alongside our communities, and we thank you for your efforts throughout 2020, and into the future, to help slow the spread of the virus. 
    Stay healthy and stay #GuthrieStrong.