If you have symptoms:

If you have symptoms other than shortness of breath or a persistent cough, you may schedule a COVID test in eGuthrie or by calling 866-GUTHRIE (866-488-4743).

If you have shortness of breath or a severe cough, you must be screened by a provider before being tested and you must have a doctor's order for the test. We offer two options for these screenings:

  • Make an appointment with a primary care provider by calling 866-GUTHRIE (866-488-4743), or schedule an appointment through eGuthrie.
  • Go to one of our walk-in locations to be seen by a provider, who will order a test, if appropriate. 

(For Guthrie Cortland Medical Center testing, call 607-299-7676 to be screened and pre-register. Drive-through testing is located in the parking lot on Alvena Avenue.)

If are a Guthrie patient and you do not have symptoms:

You may be concerned about COVID after attending an in-person event where masking and social distancing guidelines were not followed. If that is that case and you do not have symptoms, or if you need to be tested for return to work/school or after travel, you can self-schedule your test using eGuthrie*:

  1. Under the Visits menu, select Schedule an Appointment
  2. On the next page, click on COVID Concerns
  3. Answer the screening questions
  4. Choose a location or locations that work for you
  5. Select a time
  6. Verify your personal information and insurance
  7. Schedule your test

Once you are registered, you will receive instructions on the testing process at the site where you have your test.

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If are not a Guthrie patient and you do not have symptoms:

  • Please call 866-GUTHRIE (866-488-4743).
  • For Guthrie Cortland Medical Center please call 607-299-7676. Drive-through testing is located in the parking lot on Alvena Avenue.