Our Cancer Team

At the Guthrie Cancer Center, our providers have vast knowledge to treat your cancer. At Guthrie, our oncologists work together to provide comprehensive cancer care, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, general and plastic surgeons, hematologists, interventional radiologists and oncology nurse navigators.


Radiation Oncology

Guthrie board-certified radiation oncologists aim to reduce or eliminate tumors by creating chemical changes within cancer cells. Because it is highly localized, radiation therapy produces limited side effects and is one of the most precise treatment options available.

Medical Oncology/Hematology

Guthrie’s medical oncologists include a team of fellowship-trained physicians, nurse practitioners, oncology certified nurses and other clinicians who are dedicated to diagnosing and treating cancer using drugs such as chemotherapy, biotherapy, immunotherapy or targeted agents.

Surgical Oncology

Guthrie surgeons, oncologists and other physicians work as a team to obtain the best possible outcome for our patients. If surgery is an option for you, Guthrie offers fellowship-trained surgical oncologists, who exclusively treat cancer on a daily basis. Their experience and expertise allow them to tackle complex cancers, giving you more options.

Nurse Navigator

Guthrie offers specialty-trained lung and breast oncology nurse navigators to help guide patients and their support team throughout your cancer care. Our nurse navigators will help coordinate efficient and quality care throughout your diagnosis and treatment by coordinating your care with the members of the cancer team.