Breast Cancer

Breast cancer affects one in eight American women in their lifetime.  The Guthrie Breast Cancer Program helps our patients navigate through breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.


Catching breast cancer in early stages through regular annual screening gives women the best chance of beating breast cancer. Mammography is the best screening method for most women. For women at higher risk, other types of screening and more frequent screening may be appropriate.

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Call 1-866-GUTHRIE (866-488-4743) to schedule a screening mammogram.

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High Risk Breast Cancer Clinic

Certain factors put some women at a high risk for breast cancer. Breast specialists at Guthrie’s High Risk Breast Cancer Clinic help women assess their risk, plan the right types and frequency of screenings, and learn preventative measures. We also provide ongoing care and follow-up with a breast specialist.

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Symptoms of breast cancer can include:

  • Lumps
  • Pain
  • Nipple discharge
  • Skin changes

If you experience any of these symptoms, talk to your primary care provider about your concerns. Or make an appointment with our breast specialist by calling 570-887-2850.

If a diagnostic evaluation is required, we help you schedule the next steps. You may need further imaging or a biopsy. Most biopsies can be done minimally invasively by a radiologist. Your evaluation may also include an appointment with a breast surgeon who will review results and help you develop a plan of care.


Breast cancer treatment plans may include a combination of:

Guthrie also offers patients the option to participate in clinical trials.


After breast cancer treatment, what next? You will meet with an oncology Advanced Practice Provider who will provide:

  • Summary of your treatment
  • List of members of your treatment team
  • Advised cancer screenings and frequency
  • Healthy lifestyle tips

Breast Care Team

The diagnosis of breast cancer coupled with the complexities of health care can be overwhelming. Many different specialists, practitioners and care givers are involved in the care of a breast cancer patient. Meet Our Breast Cancer Team

Interdisciplinary Breast Conference

The breast program hosts an interdisciplinary breast conference where the team of providers and practitioners from all specialties involved in breast cancer care discuss every patient to organize the best treatment for her across the system.

Breast Nurse Navigator

Guthrie’s breast nurse navigator helps breast cancer patients find their way, from diagnosis through all phases of the cancer journey.

  • Provide education regarding diagnosis and treatment
  • Link patients to available resources in their local community
  • Provide emotional support
  • Schedule appointments and help with paperwork
  • Be an advocate for the patient
  • Help in overcoming health care system barriers

Cancer Center Licensed Social Worker

Assists patients and their loved ones with emotional, social and financial stresses associated with diagnosis.

Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital has been granted full accreditation designation by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), a program administered by the American College of Surgeons.

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