Cancer Treatments

Treatment programs generally include one or a combination of treatments: chemotherapy and/or hormone therapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Also, the Guthrie Cancer Center offers clinical trials as one of many innovative ways to learn about and fight cancer. With more than 75 clinical trials available a year, Guthrie Clinical Research offers the region’s largest selection of clinical trials, helping to provide new insight into combating this disease. They include therapies with new drugs, new drug delivery techniques, immunotherapy and a number of other therapeutic options.

Preventative health screenings are available at Guthrie to spot cancers before they advance.

Whatever treatment protocol that a patient’s individual treatment plan calls for, physicians from various disciplines and technical staff members are involved in the initial evaluation and determination of all treatment alternatives. We take an individualized approach with our cancer patients, providing treatment plans from a multidisciplinary team of experts for all cancer types, including breast, colorectal, head and neck, liver and pancreatic, lung, prostate, skin, and all other cancer types.