Corning Hospital Patient Information

Billing Questions

For information about your statement or to discuss payment options please call 1-800-836-9990 or 570-887-2600 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  You can also send a customer service message through eGuthrie.  Click here to sign up for eGuthrie. 

Bedside Tablets and Meal Orders

With our Bedside tablets, you can review information about your hospitalization, including lab results, medications and descriptions, and information about your care team. You can also make your meal choices right on the tablet:

  • Choose Dining on the lefthand menu
  • Choose the meal you want to order -- breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Choose the food and beverages you want and click Add to Order
  • When you've made all selections, choose Order Summary at the bottom of the screen
  • If your order is correct, click Place Order

To get started with Bedside, ask your nurse or care partner for a tablet to use during your stay. 

You can also order meals during your stay using your eGuthrie account.

Pastoral Services at Guthrie Corning Hospital

Guthrie Corning Hospital staff is trained in providing support to families experiencing a medical crisis. They also partner with area clergy and CareFirst (formerly Southern Tier Hospice) to provide support to patients and their families. For more information please ask the Nurse Manager.

Financial Assistance

If you do not have health insurance or worry that you may not be able to pay for part or all of your care, we may be able to help. Guthrie provides financial aid to patients based on their income, assets, and financial needs. Learn more.

Medical Records Release Forms

To have your medical records disclosed to another individual or organization, the patient/guardian must complete the request form and submit them to our medical records department. For more information, call 607-937-7551: Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities at Guthrie Corning Hospital

We consider you a partner in your hospital care. When you are well informed, participate in treatment decisions, and communicate openly with your doctor and other health professional, you help make your care as effective as possible. At Guthrie Corning Hospital, we encourage respect for the personal preferences and values of each individual.

Patient Concerns/Comments

If you have a concern or comment you would like to register about your experiences at a Guthrie facility, please call 1-800-680-1909 or submit a concern online.

Patient Information

For information about a Guthrie Corning Hospital patient's room number or patient room telephone number, call Patient Information at 607-937-7254.

Smoking/Tobacco Use

Guthrie prohibits the use of all tobacco products at all of its campuses and office locations. This policy will be enforced in a manner which promotes prevention and awareness, and provides education for those who use tobacco.

Support Groups

Visit our Event Calendar to view listings for upcoming support groups and seminars.


Sign language, oral interpreters and other auxiliary aids and services necessary for effective communication are available free of charge upon request to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Translators for those who do not speak English are also available upon request.