Annual Stipends as of July 1, 2022

  • PGY-1 - $59,699
  • PGY-2 - $65,118
  • PGY-3 - $67,527

Educational Allowances

Funds are provided for expenses related to the purchase of educational resources, medical society dues, attendance to educational conferences, and travel related to attending an educational conference. The amount of $1,000 is allotted to PGY-1 residents; and $2,000 is available for all PGY-2 thru PGY-3 residents.

Meals, Relocation Allowance and Uniforms

Meals are available at the Robert Packer Hospital cafeteria and vending machines while on call duty. Funds are provided for meals while on call.

Each resident and fellow are supplied with three white lab coats.  

Upon entering a Guthrie/Robert Packer Hospital training program, all residents, fellows and interns receive a relocation allowance, which is included in their first paychecks. Fellows and interns have a relocation allowance of $5,000 which is included in their first paycheck. 

Benefits for Residents and Fellows

Medical Insurance

One medical insurance plan, Guthrie Network Advantage,  is available to meet residents’ needs.  It is available in either individual or family plans.  The cost for the insurance is paid by Robert Packer Hospital.

Dental Insurance

A comprehensive dental plan is offered to residents.  Diagnostic/Preventive, Basic and Major Restorative, and Orthodontic services are covered under the high option plan; the low option plan covers only Diagnostic/Preventive and Basic Restorative services.  A summary sheet and booklet outlining coverage is available from Human Resources.

High Option Plan

Individual Coverage Paid by Robert Packer Hospital

  • Employee + 1 Coverage: $12.20/pay
  • Family Coverage: $24.38/pay

Low Option Plan

Individual Coverage Paid by Robert Packer Hospital

  • Employee + 1 Coverage   $7.53/pay
  • Family Coverage        $15.05/pay

Life Insurance

$50,000 term life insurance, with an accidental death and dismemberment rider, is provided at no cost to the resident. Employees may elect to purchase term life insurance for their spouse in increments between $25,000 and $250,000 but may not exceed the amount of life insurance coverage of the employee. All requests for spousal life insurance must include the completed Evidence of Insurability Form.  Coverage is dependent on approval from the Life Insurance Carrier.

Child Life insurance coverage is also available as follows:

  • $5,000 coverage $.46 per pay
  • $10,000 coverage $.92 per pay

This is the cost per pay regardless of the number of children you are insuring.

If both spouses are employed by Robert Packer Hospital, they may not cover each other, and only one spouse may cover any children.

Flexible Spending

This option allows residents to set up spending accounts for unreimbursed Accounts health care and dependant care costs with pre-tax dollars, thus provided more spendable income. Participants in the health care flexible spending account receive a debit card to utilize for expenses, eliminating the need to file claims via paper.

Short Term Disability

To provide income continuance in the event of short term disability, this Disability benefit, paid for by Robert Packer Hospital, begins on the 5th consecutive day of disability and continues through 26 weeks (6 months).  75% salary reimbursement is received for the first 4 weeks; 50% is received for the remaining weeks of disability.

Long Term Disability

The benefit takes effect after 26 weeks of short term disability. Provides Disability 60% salary reimbursement until age 65-70 (depending on age when disability begins.)