How to Know if Shoulder Surgery is Needed?

When you’ve tried all non-surgical methods of treatment to relieve pain in your shoulder without success, we recommend you speak with one of our orthopedic specialists to learn if surgery is the best option for you. Surgery can be a more obvious solution in the case of a shoulder fracture or other traumatic injury. Other times, it is not so clear. Patients can experience pain for a longer period without relief from physical therapy or medications, ultimately requiring surgical intervention.

You can expect recovery to last up to eight weeks; however, your pain should go away quickly after surgery. Our physical and occupational therapists will then help you gain back mobility through strength training and exercises intended for your specific needs. Continued follow-up care is prescribed, as needed, to get you back to enjoying life without shoulder pain.  

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Shoulder Procedures Available at Guthrie

  • Arthroscopic surgery is a procedure that allows us to diagnose and treat deterioration or damage in your joint by using a tube, inserted through a small incision, to view the affected area. We can use these different instruments through the arthroscope to cut, remove and repair damaged tissue.
  • Joint replacement surgery is a safe and effective procedure that allows for artificial components to replace damaged areas of your shoulder. Our orthopedic specialists perform both Total and Reverse shoulder replacements, depending on your specific condition.

Advantages of Choosing Guthrie

You can feel confident that you are being seen by the area leader in shoulder care at Guthrie. Our surgeons are fellowship-trained by nationally recognized experts to master special surgical techniques so we can care for you in the way you count on and expect. We are available in several convenient locations, keeping treatment close-to-home.

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