Nurse Practitioners

Guthrie offers clinical rotations to nurse practitioner students who are matriculated in a CCNE accredited institution. Rotating students at Guthrie have the opportunity to become an active member of our medical team, attending teaching rounds and conferences, taking patient histories, performing physical examinations, and assisting in the operating room or with other procedures. Guthrie’s clinical rotations and supportive learning environment enable nurse practitioner students with an opportunity to grow their medical knowledge through direct-patient care experiences.

Guthrie uses the EPIC electronic medical record (EMR) system, the most widely used EMR system in the US. Students at Guthrie will be trained on EPIC, learning to use the system to view patient records, record patient details, and place orders as required.

Guthrie offers clinical rotations to students matriculated in affiliated nurse practitioner programs. Guthrie also welcomes students from unaffiliated programs. For more information on how to participate in our program, please contact the Student Coordinator at 570-887-6583.


"I had a fantastic clinical experience at Guthrie when I was working on my FNP. I shadowed with multiple different providers in a few different specialties. This diversity allowed me to obtain an better understanding of the practice of medicine and allowed me to better define my clinical interests. The staff at Guthrie were wonderful to work with; I recommend NP students take advantage of the clinical experience Guthrie can offer!"
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Rachel G., Binghamton University

"My clinical experiences at the Guthrie Clinic were beyond excellent. Not only that the Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners are very competent and knowledgeable in their medical practice, the medical staffs presented with their willingness to teach and educate students. In addition, many luncheon, in-services, presentations, case studies, classes have maximized my educational experiences at Guthrie. Most importantly, the horizontal relationship between providers created a very pleasurable atmosphere for students to learn. I definitely have enjoyed my time and learned a lots at Guthrie, and I would recommend rotating with Guthrie."
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Tszhoderrick L., Binghamton University

"I had great experiences at Guthrie with all of the providers I shadowed. They were open to having a student, compassionate, and provided me with knowledge and skills that I will use in my future NP career. Laura Mitchell, CRNP in the ACT clinic, Karen Jones, CRNP in OB/GYN, Cathy Barrett, NP in Pediatrics at Troy Guthrie, and Dr. Andres at the Tunkhannock Guthrie are just a few of the providers that stood out to me and really exceeded my expectations! I can't wait to be a provider at Guthrie in the near future."
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Amanda J., Binghamton University

"My clinical rotation as a nurse practitioner student at the Guthrie Clinic was an outstanding experience from beginning to end. Thanks to their student affairs coordinator, scheduling rotations was a breeze, and completing the required paperwork was easy. There was an abundance of excellent physicians and nurse practitioners who were eager and willing to share their knowledge and expertise. It was a very nurturing environment for students. Patients of different levels of complexity were also in abundance, making my time there very productive and educational."
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Maria M., Binghamton University