Frequently Asked Questions

What is Abby?

Abby is an online platform for ordering contact lenses, shipped directly to you for free. To learn more about Abby, please visit

What are the benefits of ordering through Abby?

  • Free standard shipping on all purchases 
  • Ships directly to your door 
  • Easy returns 
  • Order tracking 

Do I need to be a Guthrie patient to order through Abby?

No. Although preferred, you do not need to be a Guthrie patient to order through Abby. If you have a valid contact lens prescription from another practice and wish to order through Abby, please call Guthrie at 800-4-SIGHT-2 (800-474-4482) and supply us with your prescription. 

What if my prescription is expired?

Contact lens prescriptions are typically valid for 12 months. Using the information provided below, a Guthrie Optician will be able to determine if your prescription on file is valid.  

If your prescription is expired, an Abby account will be created for you, but a prescription will not be uploaded to your account until you receive a new eye exam. In this case, a Guthrie caregiver will contact you to set up an appointment. 

Can you resend my email invitation?

Yes. To have your Abby email invitation resent, please call 800-4-SIGHT-2 (800-474-4482) or contact Abby’s Customer Success Team.

Request an Account 

To be set up with an Abby account for contact lens online ordering, please provide the information requested below.

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