What is the length of the Emergency Medicine program?

This is a three-year training program.

What is the typical Emergency Department shift length?

You can expect on average to have a 10-hour shift to be engaged with the learning environment. Shift length and expectations can change based on the training year.  

Do letters of recommendations have to be from Emergency Medicine physicians and in the CORD SLOE format?

We preferentially utilize the SLOE system which is the community standard.  We will consider letters of recommendation from other sources and review other factors in reviewing an applicant

Does the EM Residency Program use a minimum USMLE/COMLEX Score?

We do not have a minimum score but use a wholistic evaluation in our selection process which includes standardized tests.

What is the clinical admission rate?

The clinical admission rate is approaching 30%

What will my daily commute look like?

Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital is lucky to be surrounded by an area with no traffic but an abundance of green grass, beautiful flowers, and tall trees. Valley residences are within a five-minute drive and free parking is available right next to campus.  Most local housing options are within walking distance as well.

Am I allowed to moonlight?

Moonlighting is allowed to qualified residents at the discretion of the Program Director.

How is my ED shift performance evaluated?

Shift performance is evaluated by the attending physician and presented on a shift card for direct feedback.

Where will my ED shifts take place?

ED shifts are done primarily at Robert Packer Hospital however there are opportunities to rotate at the newly built Corning Hospital.

Where will I get my Pediatric Experience from?

Pediatric rotations are set up with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Albany Medical Center.