Emergency Medicine Residency Program Awards and Achievements


First Place for Oral Presentation of Original Research: Zachary E. Dewar, MD
A comparison of hand-held ultrasound versus traditional ultrasound for acquisition of RUSH views in healthy volunteers
Joseph Wu, BA; Hunter Hughes, Anis Adnani, BA; Gregory Christiansen, DO; Lon Ovedovitz, MD; Jon C. Rittenberger, MD, MS
Stanley Conklin Annual Research Day 2020


Guthrie EM Resident Awarded at PACEP Scientific Assembly

Congratulations to Zachary E. Dewar, MD, emergency medicine resident, and Christopher Berry, MD, Director of Emergency Medical Services, for their presentation success at the Pennsylvania College of Emergency Physician (PACEP) Scientific Assembly in Pocono Manor, Pa.

Dr. Dewar presented his research work titled, “Prehospital Portable Ultrasound for Safe and Accurate Prehospital Needle Thoracostomy: A Pilot Educational Study” and was awarded Runner Up in the Abstract Oral Presentation category.

Dr. Zachary Dewar, PGY-3 EM Resident

Dr. Zachary Dewar, PGY-3 EM Resident, presented a poster at the NAEMSP conference in San Diego this past January on Prehospital Portable Thoracic Ultrasound for Safe and Accurate Needle Thoracostomy: A Pilot Educational Study. He was also chosen for the Spivey Best of the Best Oral Research Presentation and will be presenting April 1st at PACEP in the Poconos. 

Emergency Department Utilization within a Rural Health Network in Northeastern Pennsylvania and Upstate New York during the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic
Clinton J. Hobson, MD; Laura Walker, DO; Morgan Perry, BS; Jon C. Rittenberger, MD
Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Annual Conference- May 2021

ED Utilization within Guthrie Health System during Early COVID-19 Pandemic​
Laura Walker, DO; Clinton J. Hobson, MD; Morgan Perry; Jon C. Rittenberger, MD
Stanley Conkin Annual Research Day April 23, 2021

Risk factors for unplanned ICU admission after emergency department holding orders
Dewar, Z. E., Kirchner, H. L., & Rittenberger, J. C.
Stanley Conkin Annual Research Day April 23, 2021


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Journal of the American College of Emergency Physicians Open
2020 Nov https://doi.org/10.1002/emp2.12322

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Risk factors for unplanned ICU admission after emergency department holding orders
Journal of the American College of Emergency Physicians Open
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Contact chemical burn of the hand caused by xylene: A case report.
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