How Can I Burn Off the Calories in One Doughnut?

October 19, 2022
How Can I Burn Off the Calories in One Doughnut?

Want to undo the damage caused by a splurge? Burn more calories with these physical activities.

You know that doughnuts are not a health food, but sometimes you just can't resist. And unless you eat them every day or go through a dozen in one sitting, there are things you can do when you give into temptation so those extra empty calories don't sabotage your diet.

Doughnuts are high in calories and contain a lot of fat and sugar without contributing much nutritional value. The calorie count and nutrition facts for donuts will differ depend on the type of doughnut it is (cake, glazed, filled, etc.) and the size. For example, a French Cruller at Dunkin Donuts has 220 calories and a Glazed Chocolate Donut has 340 calories while an Original Glazed Donut at Krispy Kreme has 190 calories and a Double Dark Chocolate Doughnut has 400 calories, according to the companies' respective websites.

So what can you do to burn off those extra calories after you've splurged? Here are 10 ideas: 



Slow dancing


Walking (3.5 mph)




Walking (4.5 mph)


Aerobics (low-impact)






Bicycling (12-13.9 mph)


Running (6 mph)


Bicycling (16-19 mph)


Note: The calorie counts shown are approximate and based on a 155-pound person. You may burn more or less for the same activity depending on your weight and level of intensity.

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