Minimally Invasive Ear Surgery

Guthrie Otolaryngology performs minimally invasive endoscopic ear surgery on adult patients.

This advanced, minimally invasive technique allows the surgeon better visualization and navigation of the complex region of the ear canal during surgery. Minimally invasive ENT procedures result in a much shorter and less painful recovery period.

During endoscopic ear surgery, a small scope with an attached camera is placed into the ear canal while small, state of the art instruments are used to perform the surgery. This video technique allows the surgeon and specialists to better visualize the tympanic membrane and middle ear. The wide angle scopes allow greater, broader vision into the previously hard to see recesses of the middle ear and mastoid chambers.

Traditional ear surgery is performed under a microscope and often requires that the surgeon make a large incision behind the ear to access the complex system of tiny structures within the ear.

Adult patients suffering from cholesteatoma, eardrum perforation or chronic ear disease may be candidates for endoscopic ear surgery.