For over 30 years, Guthrie has been conducting cardiology clinical trials.   

Local access to leading-edge research

As a Guthrie patient you’ll have the unique opportunity to participate in clinical research trials that involve new treatments for atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure, lipid disorders, heart attack and many more cardiology disease states.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials provide opportunities to evaluate the effectiveness of new ways to prevent, detect and treat cardiovascular disease. All FDA-approved medications and devices must prove effectiveness through a clinical trial.  Your individual participation will help advance new medical therapies for all patients. 

As a result, you receive excellent care locally from the Guthrie cardiology team, while still being able to access cutting-edge therapies offered in large university settings and metropolitan areas. Cardiology trials might involve preventive measures and/or treatments, experimental surgical techniques (stents), or devices (pacemakers, defibrillators), and/or new medicines. Your physician can present you with options and help you determine whether a clinical trial is right for you. 

Most clinical trials offered at Guthrie are phase two or phase three studies that measure safety and efficacy (whether the investigational treatment benefits a specific group of patients).

We work with multiple labs, pharmaceutical groups, and biotech companies to offer you the chance to get innovative treatments and novel therapies, and to assist with the future of cardiology care.  

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