Head and Neck Reconstruction

Guthrie plastic and reconstruction surgeons work together with head and neck surgeons (Otolaryngologists or ENT) and neurosurgeons to provide reconstruction for difficult cancers and traumatic injuries of the skull, facial bones and soft tissue. Treatments offered include:

  • Skin grafts: a superficial portion of skin without blood supply used to cover an open wound or defect.
  • Bone grafts: bone without blood supply taken to fill in a small defect in a bony region.
  • Plating systems: plates and screws made of titanium or a biodegradable material to stabilize bones or span a defect in the bone.
  • Local/regional flaps: flaps consisting of skin/subcutaneous fat, skin/subcutaneous fat/muscle or only muscle to gain soft tissue coverage in areas with severely damaged soft tissue or expected radiation.
  • Free flaps (microsurgery): flaps consisting of skin/subcutaneous fat, skin/subcutaneous fat/muscle, skin/subcutaneous fat/ muscle/bone, or only muscle or only bone that are disconnected from their blood supply and reconnected to the blood vessels near the defect to be filled.