Options are available to gain proxy access through eGuthrie to view another family member’s Guthrie medical record and communicate on their behalf. Instructions on how to gain parental or caregiver proxy access to a loved one’s medical record, or gain access to an existing eGuthrie account through proxy, are outlined below.

Option 1: Giving someone else access to your existing eGuthrie account

  1. You can give a parent, adult child or other caregiver access to your existing eGuthrie account. Navigate to the Share My Record section of your eGuthrie account and then choose Friends and family access.
    Share information

  2. Enter information for anyone needing access to your medical record and send invite.
    Invite Someone
  3. The recipient will receive an email to confirm and complete the process.


Option 2: Getting access to a loved one’s eGuthrie

To get access to your loved one’s eGuthrie’s account, you must complete an authorization form and send it to your child or parent’s primary care provider.  Find the appropriate form here.

To request parental access, you must:

To request caregiver access, you must:

Option 3: Eliminate the Form and Contact Central Scheduling

Central scheduling can be reached to discuss proxy access by calling 866-GUTHRIE (866-488-4743).