Is Personal Training Worth the Cost?

March 7, 2023
Is Personal Training Worth the Cost?

Here's how to weigh the benefits of personal training against what it's going to cost you.

Whether you're considering gifting someone a few personal training sessions or are thinking about making an investment in yourself, you may be wondering whether personal training is worth the cost. After all, it's usually not an inexpensive proposition. 

Of course, every person has to decide for themselves whether to invest in a personal trainer, but here are a few benefits that may make it worth doing so:

  • You'll get a customized plan. Group exercise classes can be motivating and rewarding. So can working out with a friend. But if you want a plan, guidance and motivation that's specific to what you need and hope to achieve, it's hard to get that unless you are paying a professional to tailor a workout program to your personal fitness level and goals.
  • You'll get guidance. A good personal trainer will show you how to do exercises and will watch closely to make sure you are doing them correctly and with the proper form. You'll also get adaptations if necessary and tips for improving performance. This makes it more likely the exercises you do will be effective in improving your fitness while also helping to prevent injury.
  • You'll advance at an appropriate pace. Just as a personal trainer can provide you with motivation to keep you moving towards your goals, he or she will make sure you don't do too much too soon. This helps prevent injury, pain and burnout. If you are experiencing pain or dealing with an injury, a trainer can also modify your workout and provide other tips that can help.
  • You'll be more accountable. One benefit to working with a personal trainer is that you'll feel accountable to someone, and that may make you more motivated to get things done. You can also get that same sense of accountability if you have a workout buddy, but knowing you're paying a professional to work specifically with you may give you the extra push you need. After all, if you're paying for something, don't you want to make the most of the money you spend?

If you decide the benefits of hiring a personal trainer are worth the cost, look for one with a current certification from an accredited organization. Also shop around until you find a trainer you feel understands your goals and pain points, and who fits your personality and budget. Some people have to try a few different trainers before they find just the right one for them.

Health Coaching

Health coaching through the Guthrie Weight Loss Center bridges nutrition and exercise to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight. Our certified health coach will work with you to set and achieve weight and lifestyle goals, including exercise training goals.

Health coaching is an out-of-pocket expense that may be paid for from health savings accounts.

Talk with your primary care provider about a referral to health coaching at the Guthrie Weight Loss Center


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