Sponsorships and Charitable Contributions

As a non-profit health care system that services an 12-county region, Guthrie is committed to being a good steward of our resources so we can continue to invest in the health and wellness of the communities we serve. Therefore, we sponsor events that are strongly aligned with our mission and our strategic plan. Guthrie allows a budgeted amount of dollars for charitable donations and sponsorships each fiscal year. To best manage requests and allow for a timely response to address requests in a fair and equitable manner, an application process is used. We ask that one sponsorship request be submitted per organization per fiscal year. Therefore, we ask that you look at your sponsorship needs as a comprehensive request for sponsorship. Efforts will be made to identify opportunities with the greatest perceived impact on quality of life.

Guthrie’s sponsorship and charitable contributions operate separately from the Resource Development department and the Donald Guthrie Foundation. For more information on Community Grants, click here.


Sponsorship and charitable contribution considerations are specific to the counties served by Guthrie. Funds requested must meet the following criteria:

  • Mission. Is the promotional partnership health related and/or in line with Guthrie’s mission?
  • Strategic Plan. Is the promotional partnership in support of goals listed in the current Strategic Plan? Does it promote or improve community health and economic viability? Improve access to health care?
  • Target Groups. What age groups will benefit from the promotional partnership? How many people are expected to participate? How many will benefit?
  • Community Priority. Is the event an important part of the community’s fabric and culture. Does the community value support of the program, event or organization?
  • Commitment Length. Is it a one-time promotional partnership? Or a long-term commitment?
  • History. Have we partnered with this event/group in the past?
  • Visibility. How many people will our promotional partnership reach? How will we receive visibility among our target audiences? How will the promotional partnership be perceived?
  • Involvement. Is Guthrie involved with the requesting group? Are we a member? Is it an existing community partner?
  • Economic. The community’s economic health directly correlates with the economic health of Guthrie. Does the organization requesting the promotional partnership play a large part in the community’s economic health? Does the partnership directly support economic stimulus efforts?