Prostate Seed Implants

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Guthrie Cancer Center offers low dose rate seed implants among its high quality cancer treatment methods.  Prostate seed implant radiation is an innovative technology in prostate cancer therapy and can be an alternative to surgery.

Prostate seed implants are done in a single visit and are therefore a much more convenient treatment than complex surgeries or multi-visit radiation methods, and with minimal discomfort and side effects. Impotence is very rare as a side effect, as well as urethral stricture, in which the urethra closes or tightens up.

Men of any age with prostate cancer can now be successfully treated with the same survival rates as surgical methods like robotic prostatectomies.

Seed implants are placed by the radiation oncologist and urologist with the help of ultrasound imaging. The small, pellet-sized seeds release radiation in and immediately adjacent to the prostate, to kill any cells that escape from the prostate gland. The oncologist can also alter the amount of radiation these seeds emit, thereby achieving a high degree of accuracy.

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This level of control, accuracy and flexibility makes real-time seed implants an improvement over pre-planned seed implantation. In this outpatient procedure, a patient will be treated and can return home on the very same day. Many patients can be done with the procedure in an hour or less.

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Dr. Omar Yumen - Prostate Seed Implants by Guthrie