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Medical Weight Loss Patient Story

Medical weight loss management, also known as medical bariatrics, is a proven method for losing weight and improving overall health in patients seeking a healthy lifestyle and weight. Medical weight loss can also reduce, or even eliminate, many weight-related chronic health conditions including pre-diabetes, back pain, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and sleep apnea.

Choosing our medical weight loss option is an important decision to change your life long-term. Our medical weight loss program is available for patients of all ages, including children, adolescents and adults and includes nutritional counseling, fitness planning as well as social and emotional support. We will work with you to tailor an individualized plan for your success beyond your initial weight loss goals.

We offer the following for individualized weight loss management:

Getting started with the Guthrie Weight Loss Center is easy:

Call us at 570-887-3920 to learn more about our medical weight loss program or schedule your appointment today. Interested patients can also fill out our adult new patient packet or pediatric new patient packet.

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