Interventional Radiology

Interventional RadiologyInterventional Radiology (also known as IR or Special Procedures) is the section of the department that use imaging equipment to perform procedures ("intervene") that directly treat a disease. Guthrie has American Board of Radiology certified, fellowship trained Interventional Radiologists available at both Corning Hospital and Robert Packer Hospital to provide these services.

Interventional radiology procedures are used to insert, manipulate and verify devices (tubes, venous access lines, etc.) in patients as well as to take samples (biopsies) and drain abnormal tissue collections. Interventional radiologists can also drain fluid from the chest (thoracentesis) and abdomen (paracentesis). Guthrie also offers highly specialized intervenitonal radiology procedure to diagnose and treat cancer. We specialize in bringing you the latest innovations available, for better treatment planning and faster recovery. Many procedures are done on an outpatient basis or during a short hospital stay.

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To schedule an interventional radiology procedure, call: 570-887-5599.

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