Home Care

There's no place like home for healing. That's why more and more people are turning to home care as the alternative to long-term care in hospitals, nursing homes or other institutions. Home care is cost-effective and allows you or those dear to you to remain with family and friends in the peace and quiet of familiar surroundings. You'll find that Guthrie Home Care is a natural extension of the quality in health care traditionally associated with Guthrie.

Guthrie Home Care staff is trained to provide quality care for the ill and disabled of every age, while offering instruction and emotional support to the rest of the family.

Guthrie Home Care providers offer a complete range of services from a single source. Our combination of services, applied with an in-depth understanding of patient needs, ensures that you or your family member are getting the right care.

Most Guthrie Home Care services are covered by Medicare, Pennsylvania Medical Assistance, Blue Cross or major medical coverage and other private insurance. When there are questions about coverage, Guthrie professionals will help review insurance coverage and provide families with alternatives to ease concerns at this important time.

The following comprehensive home care services are designed for your comfort and convenience: