Resident Life

The Binghamton area is a great place to be a resident. From a vibrant downtown life with bars, restaurants, and city living, to family fun with wildlife, hiking, kayaking, parks, and local sports-Binghamton has something for everyone! With a low cost of living, safe neighborhoods, minimal traffic, and a beautiful setting, over 250,000 people have made this area their home. One of the unique attributes of this area is that there are urban, suburban, and rural settings all within 15 minutes of downtown Binghamton.

Binghamton also offers several festivals with many different ethnic backgrounds represented in our community. We also have many cultural entities including art museums, Broadway show tours, a symphony orchestra and an opera company.

The Finger Lakes wine region is within an hour for a quick day trip and several large cities are within a few hours driving distance including New York and Philadelphia.

Our program incoprorates many wellness activities into the curricular schedule. We are always planning the next event to give residents a break from the day-to-day life of working as a caregiver.