Many businesses are required by the state to have accredited water testing done weekly, monthly or annually. Guthrie LEAP Testing Service offers accredited testing in New York and Pennsylvania.

And also offers other non-accredited microbiology testing.

Quick Turnaround

Our lab is located on the Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital campus and most testing is done locally in the town of Sayre, Pa.

  • Results are typically sent within 1-2 days of completion of test.

Reliable Local Service

Samples may be dropped off at many Guthrie locations for your convenience.

Sample bottles can be picked up at the lab or contact the lab for other arrangements. The lab is located at this address:

Donald Guthrie Foundation
LEAP Testing Service
One Guthrie Square, 5th Floor
Sayre, Pa. 18840

Sample Collection and Submission

All samples must be submitted in the bottles supplied. Sample collection instructions and chain of custody forms can be found on the website.

Submitting Water for Testing
Water Testing Forms and Collection Instructions
Call (570) 887-4645 for pricing.

The LEAP Testing Service is an independent testing laboratory at the Donald Guthrie Foundation for Education and Research in Sayre, Pa.