IRB Applications and Forms

The Guthrie Clinic IRB Research Study Submission Process

The following information will help you in the process for submitting a research study protocol.

Step 1: Education
You must first obtain training in human subjects protection.

Step 2: Writing the Protocol
A research proposal must include elements as listed in the Protocol document below.

Step 3: Compiling other research documents
Depending on your research proposal, you may have additional documents that will be needed for IRB approval of your project. These documents include:

  • Informed Consent documents
  • Questionnaires, surveys, interview questions, etc.
  • Any recruitment materials such as emails, letters, scripts, advertisements, posters, flyers etc.
  • Any other information that will be used by research subjects

Step 4: Complete IRB application form
The IRB has different forms for initial review.  Submit your protocol to Lori Robinson and Vicky Hickey

We will be happy to help you obtain the correct form for initial review.

Please plan your project in advance to allow time for IRB review.