Radiologic Technology Program Admission Policy

Admission Requirements

The radiologic technology program accepts a maximum of ten students annually. 
Admission is granted only for the fall semester and the Admissions Committee will select candidates based on:

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Submission of high school and/or college-level transcripts
  • A completed application form with the non-refundable fee.
  • Preference will be given to candidates with a B or better in preferred science and math courses which include: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and ACE or AP sci­ence and math courses.
  • SAT scores (Preferred high school criteria is a minimum of a 1000 combined score or math and critical reading)
  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA required to be considered for transfer into the  Radiologic Program. Transfer candidates must possess a strong science and math background for consideration.
  • A completed personal interview and shadowing experience

Applicants must also comply with program technical standards:

  • Read small print and write legible notes
  • Speak clearly and be understood
  • Handle sterile and non-sterile instruments with dexterity
  • Hear speech when the speaker wears a mask and the listener’s ears are covered with a cap
  • Lift, move and assist patients
  • Perform x-ray equipment manipulation
  • Wear a protective apron when necessary
  • Access, without assistance, all clinical areas
  • Perform all CPR movements

Admission Process

Applicants must submit a completed application with the non-refundable fee to the Mansfield University Enrollment Services Department along with high school/college transcripts and SAT and/or ACT scores.  The Enrollment Services Department selects candidates who meet the minimum University admission requirements and forwards their applications and transcripts to the Program Director of the Radiologic Technology Program and the Admissions Committee for review.  

Since class size is limited, only applicants with acceptable SAT scores and a solid high school and/or college math and science background and are granted a personal interview. Preferred math and science courses are Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and ACE or AP science and math courses. 

During the interview, applicants will receive information about the program and will participate in a shadowing experience within the Robert Packer Hospital Radiologic Department.  Interviewees will receive information regarding their acceptance status from the Mansfield University Admissions Office within approximately two weeks following the interview.

Applicants who receive a rejection letter may reapply to the program after completing math and science college level courses.  Courses completed must include BSC 1121 Anatomy and Physiology I and MA 1128 College Algebra at Mansfield University.  A minimum grade of grade of "C-" must be attained in each course to be reconsidered for acceptance.  Applicants who request re-consideration will be admitted on a space-available basis and their scores will be considered with other applicant scores at the time of re-consideration.     

Alternate Status

In addition to the ten majors, the program accepts a minimum of three alternate students annually.  Alternate status enables the applicant to begin his/her studies at Mansfield University in the fall semester under the Academic Exploration Program and take all the required courses within the Radiologic program's fall curriculum. 

If an opening occurs during the fall semester, alternate students will be considered for full acceptance into the program.  Alternate students who are accepted must attain at least a grade of "C" in each course, and those with the highest numerical average of grades in BSC 1121 Human Anatomy & Physiology I, XRT 1010 X-ray Technology I, and MA 1128 College Algebra will be accepted first.

If alternate students are not accepted into the program during the fall semester, they may continue taking general education courses required within the Radiologic Technology Program at Mansfield University.  They are guaranteed acceptance into the Radiologic Technology Program for the following spring provided they have attained a minimum grade of "C" in XRT 1010 X-Ray Technology I and a minimum grade of “C-“ in BSC 1121 Human Anatomy and Physiology I, and MA 1128 College Algebra.  They must also attain a passing grade in all attempted general education courses within the radiologic program’s curriculum.

Obtaining Program Information and an Application

Information and an application form can be obtained by calling the Mansfield University Enrollment Services Office at (570) 662-4243 or by contacting Mary Sullivan, Program Director, at (570) 887-4007.  The same information and an online application may also be obtained by visiting .

Application Deadline

To receive proper consideration, applications should be received by the University no later than January 15. Applications submitted after January 15 will be accepted on a space-available basis.

Transfer Credit

Appropriate credit may be given for comparable college-level course work. For questions regarding transfer credit contact Mansfield University Admission at (570) 662-4243 or online at

Change of Major

Any Mansfield University student who would like to be considered for acceptance into the Radiologic Technology Program must notify the Program Director by phone: (570) 887-4007 or by e-mail:  Students must contact the registrar’s Office at Mansfield University and request that the following documents be sent to the program Director:

  • Student’s original application to Mansfield University
  • All post-secondary transcripts including the Mansfield University transcript

The Admissions Committee will consider the request using the same acceptance criteria as for external applicants.  All candidates are notified of their final application status by the Program Director.  Upon notification of acceptance, candidates must submit a completed Change of Major form to the Program Director.