Additional Program Costs


Approximate Cost

Child Abuse History Clearance CY113


PA State Police Criminal History Clearance


Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Criminal History Clearance


Health requirements
(Immunizations, Tb testing, etc. These costs will vary according to your health insurance coverage)

$50- $200+

N95 Fit testing (if required by clinical affiliate) (Costs vary depending on whether student is
required to have additional tests after completing required respiratory questionnaire)


Protective eyewear (if required by clinical


(Cost varies with retailer; cost varies with
purchase vs rent)


Lead Markers (needed from first spring semester)

$25+/ set

CPR Mask Kit
(Cost varies with retailer. Needed for first spring


University Patch for uniform


Radiology Student Hang tag for Uniform


Scrub Uniforms
(Cost varies with retailer and number of uniforms