Additional Program Costs

Requirement Approximate Cost
Child Abuse History Clearance  CY113 $20.00
PA State Police Criminal History Clearance $30.00
Health requirements
(Immunizations, Tb testing, etc. These costs will vary according to your health insurance coverage)
$50- $200+
N95 Fit testing (if required by clinical affiliate on a yearly basis)
(Costs vary depending on whether student is required to have additional tests after completing required respiratory questionnaire)
(Cost varies with retailer; cost varies with
purchase vs rent)
Lead Markers (needed from first spring semester) $25+/ set
CPR Mask Kit
(Cost varies with retailer. Needed for first
summer semester)
Radiology Student Hang tag for Uniform $3
Scrub Uniforms
(Cost varies with retailer and number of uniforms
Corectec Review Module (last summer semester) $90
ARRT Certification Exam (at completion of