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See results at the only comprehensive weight loss center in the region.You can lose weight to gain a healthier you. Obesity is not a choice or a character flaw; obesity is a chronic, complex disease with many health concerns. At the Guthrie Weight Loss Center, our team is sensitive to your needs and truly engaged in your success. We want you to learn how to achieve a healthy lifestyle to live the rest of your life.

The Guthrie Weight Loss Center has comprehensive programs for weight loss surgery and non-surgical medical weight loss. We personalize a weight loss plan to help you safely lose weight and keep it off. Plans are based on your medical conditions, overall health, family history and weight loss goals.

Whether you pursue surgical or medical weight loss, you can start losing weight after your first appointment.

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Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery (also known as metabolic or bariatric surgery) is a proven method for reducing weight and improving health in patients with clinically severe obesity. Bariatric surgery can also reduce or eliminate many obesity-related health problems.




Medical Weight Loss

Working with a bariatrician, a doctor who specializes in the needs of obese patients, create your best plan to lose weight and get the support you need for success.

  • Diet Management
  • Medication Management
  • Appetite Suppressant Medications
  • Healthy Behavior Modification



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Our Patients Successfully Lose Weight

Amy lost a total of 180 pounds with support of the Guthrie Weight Loss Center