Guthrie and Arnot Health are teaming up to fight COVID

In the spring, we united to stop the spread.

You stayed home. You wore your mask. The sacrifices weren’t easy, but they worked.

Now, COVID is on the rise in our communities.

Our hospitals are nearing capacity. Our health care workers are stretched to their limit. Doctors and nurses, food and environmental services -- we are so grateful to our dedicated and hard-working teams.

To keep all of us all healthy, we need hospital beds. We need healthy employees.

And we need your help. If COVID and seasonal flu keep spreading, we won’t have the resources to provide care for everyone who needs it. Please help stop the spread. Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Get your flu shot. And here’s the hard part. We want to be with our families at the holidays, but this year we need you to stay home. Celebrate with your close family, or host a virtual party, but please avoid large gatherings.

We’re all on the same team when it comes to keeping our communities healthy and safe from COVID.