Share your milestone moments and honor your loved ones by helping others.

We all have key milestones in life that change us. Those moments can be big birthdays, anniversaries, the end of chemotherapy, the loss of a loved one, or a child's birth.

Celebrate and remember your milestone moments with Guthrie by supporting your local hospital, your favorite program, or a special fund.

Examples of Fundraisers

Honor your loved one by supporting their favorite cause.
Honor your loved one

Honor your loved one

Make your birthday sweeter by asking for donations instead of gifts.
Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

Commemorate your final chemo treatment by helping others.
Chemo Treatment

Chemo Treatment

Celebrate the gift of giving instead of exchanging gifts.


How to Host a Get Creative Fundraiser


Step 1: Plan your event. Step 2: Pick your passion and click ‘Start a fundraiser’. Step 3: Promote online and engage your family and friends.

Step 1:

Plan your event.

Step 2:

Pick your passion and click ‘Start a fundraiser’.

Step 3:

Promote online and engage your family and friends.


Champion Your Cause Your Way

Choose your fundraising priority and click ‘Start a Fundraiser’. This will open access to Guthrie’s JustGiving portal, where you can create a custom page sharable with family and friends to raise awareness and funds for your health care cause. What health care cause would you like to support?

 Greatest Need

Support the most urgent health care needs of our community with a contribution to the Greatest Need Fund.

 Corning Hospital

Prioritize your health and the health of the Corning-area community with a gift to Guthrie Corning Hospital.

 Cortland Medical Center

Invest in the health of your loved ones and neighbors with a gift to Cortland Memorial Foundation in support of Guthrie Cortland Medical Center.

 Robert Packer Hospital

Strengthen the health care of the region by advancing clinical excellence with a gift to Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital.

 Towanda Campus

Sustain growth and investment in healthcare with a gift to Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital, Towanda Campus.

 Troy Community Hospital

Maintain critical access to care by keeping essential services available to people in rural Pennsylvania with a gift to Guthrie Troy Community Hospital.


Partner with us to deliver comfort and dignity to patients at the end stages of life with a contribution to Guthrie Hospice.

 Sayre House of Hope

Provide a home away from home for patients’ families during times of crisis with a contribution to Sayre House of Hope.

 Cancer Care

Our dedication to you shows in our commitment to quality. This is evident through more than 80 consecutive years of accreditation by the Commission on Cancer.

 Mark Stensager Human Services Fund

Raise up community members, patients, and Guthrie employees during an emergency with a contribution to the Mark Stensager Human Services Fund.

 Guthrie Breast Care Fund

Support successful breast health outcomes from screening to diagnosis to breast cancer patients fighting today with a contribution to the Guthrie Breast Care Fund.

 Veteran Patient Assistant Fund

Honor those who have served us all with a contribution to the Guthrie Veteran Patient Assistance Fund.

 Nursing Education

Invest in the nurses of today and tomorrow with a contribution to Nursing Education.

 Medical Education

Invest in the next generation of physician talent with a contribution to Medical Education.


Help fund lifesaving and lifechanging innovation with a contribution to Research.