Peripheral Nerve Decompression

When you are suffering from peripheral nerve compression – like carpal tunnel syndrome – you often experience weakness or numbness anywhere from your neck to your fingertips.  When your nerves become compressed, it is typically caused by factors such as a narrow passageways, tumors or other diseases. 

Neurosurgeons at Guthrie offer a variety of outpatient decompressive procedures to alleviate your symptoms and restore function to the affected areas. Often times these solutions can be administered through minimal incisions which reduce lengthy hospital stays, shorten recovery times and get you back to your regular activity sooner – and with less pain. 

If one of your peripheral nerves becomes compressed, Guthrie neurosurgeons can use electromyography (EMG) testing in the operating room to assess nerve damage and whether scarred nerves are recovering. 

Sometimes a section of a nerve needs to be removed because it is damaged beyond repair. Guthrie neurosurgeons can remove the damaged section and reconnect healthy nerve ends or transplant a piece of nerve from another part of your body. These procedures can help your nerves to regrow.