Infusion Services

Guthrie offers infusion services for patients who require frequent medication delivered via infusion. For your convenience, Guthrie Infusion services are available at Cancer and Infusion Centers in Sayre, Pa. and Corning, N.Y., as well as the Wellsboro Clinic.

Infusion treatments offered at Guthrie include:

  • Chemotherapy/Biotherapy
  • Prolastin
  • IM/SQ injections 
  • Blood transfusions including packed Red Blood Cells/Platelets and Albumin
  • Infusion therapy, including:
    • Tysabri
    • Remicade
    • Antibiotics
    • Hydration
    • Electrolyte replacement
    • Antiemetics
    • Iron/Ferrelecit/Infed
    • Solumedrol
    • Factor VIII
    • IV Immunoglobulin

Guthrie offers the following infusion procedures:

  • Insertion & maintenance of PICC & midline catheters 
  • Implanted central port maintenance
  • Troubleshooting of central lines for outpatients
  • Maintenance of Hickman catheters
  • Therapeutic phlebotomy