Brain Tumor & Neuro-Oncology

There is no more frightening diagnosis than that of a brain tumor.  It is devastating and life changing.  When you receive this type of diagnosis, you know you want the best possible care.

The neurosurgeons at Guthrie offer just that – the best possible care.  They have treated thousands of patients and use this experience to ensure that you are treated with the most advanced and compassionate care available. 

When tumor removal is determined to be advisable, Guthrie employs a myriad of intraoperative monitoring methods to gage progress and maximize the likelihood of excellent outcomes. 

Monitoring modalities can include:

  • Direct motor stimulation – which identifies important motor tracts that control opposite side movement
  • Awake craniotomies – which map and help preserve vital speech and functional areas of the brain 

Additionally, we supplement these monitoring techniques with image-guided navigation and real-time ultrasound if needed. 

If surgical removal is not advisable, our team of experts partner with our radiation oncology team to employ targeted delivery of radiation therapy to try and reduce the tumor.  This approach is called stereotactic radiosurgery (also known as “Gamma Knife”) and is administered in an outpatient setting. 

With stereotactic radiosurgery, radiation therapy is delivered to a precisely targeted area, which increases effectiveness of the treatment and minimizes the damage to surrounding tissue.  There are both framed and frameless options and your physician can help you understand the best option for your care. 

Whichever care path you and your physician decide to pursue, we can help you get the best possible outcome.